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Zero Commission

All our exchange transactions are free of charge to help you save money.

Competitive Price

It is our mission to provide competitive price better than any other local bank.

Great Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our unmatched customer support. On average we answer calls in less than 2 minutes and with high level of satisfaction.

All You Need To Know
About Us !

We are a local business that thrives when we save you money on exchange rate and transfer fees. At PCE we understand your needs and value your money. PCE competes with local banks and other companies to offer you the best prices. Our company understands how your family and friends are important to you, so we want to help you send support to them in the fastest and cheapest way possible. We accept and sell most major foreign currencies and we can buy and repair gold for you. For more information, please contact us at (613) 900 7191 for available currencies.